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Update on COVID-19 Restrictions for Private Lessons

  Tuesday, March 23, 2021 by Ross Hammond BSc (Hons), AMBCS, PGCE, MISM | Uncategorized

Update on COVID-19 Government Regulations - March 2021

I am pleased to inform you that following conversations with my regulator, the ISM, I have been informed that I am permitted to teach face to face lessons to children (below the age of 18) from May 2021 - subject to the Government sticking to their roadmap out of lockdown, any changes to this roadmap may affect this date
The previous COVID-19 secure safety protocols will remain in place, including the wearing of face masks, these can be viewed on the COVID-19 page on the website along with a risk assessment which will be updated in April ahead of May 2021. Please note that parents will not be permitted to sit in the teaching room during lessons due to the lack of space for social distancing. 

At this time, I am not anticipating that all students will return to face to face lessons, as many students have stated that they prefer their lessons online e.g. they live too far away;  online is more convenient for some etc. Therefore from May 2021, students who are 18 years of age or younger may decide to attend their lessons face to face or online as they wish, but you must inform me if you intend on having a lesson face to face, before the day of your lesson.

Of course, as per normal, should a student become unwell, your lesson will take place online instead if you were intending on a face to face lesson on any particular week. 

What about adults who have lessons?
At this time, the Government has not provided any information on adults having face to face lessons and therefore adults' lessons will remain online. I am presuming that in June 2021, subject to all restrictions being lifted, adults will be allowed to return to face to face, again at the choice of the student. I will confirm more on this, once I receive further information.