After registration, by completing the form below, You will be sent your enrolment information to sign using a secure system, by email.  Then your account will be activated and all students start as PAYG whilst they await a block booking lesson space. Please click here to see what this means.

All students who wish to book lessons, must complete enrolment before they will be seen either in-person or online. 

We have made the registration and enrolment process as easy and as straight forward as possible. Follow these 2 easy steps. Please note:  There may be a slight delay in students being able to enrol during times of peak demand for spaces.

Step 1

Register your details using the form on this page and submit the registration. 

If you are a parent and want to register your child for lessons, make sure that you select 'child' from the drop down box. 

If you are an adult, choose that option and the parent section is just to confirm your address.

Finally you will need to enter your card billing details. Don't worry, we won't charge you anything at the time of registration. These details are added to your account and used to pay your monthly invoice once you start having lessons. 

Please Note:  If you are an adult, the system will show a section called 'parent details'. Don't worry, this is just because our system is set up for family accounts and should you register any children later we will use the parent details to contact you. 

Step 2

We will send you your enrolment paperwork, within 5 to 7 working days but usually much quicker in quieter times, using a secure system called DocuSign. This will enable you to review your welcome pack, read our GDPR Statement and sign to confirm your details are correct. Once signed and returned you will receive a confirmation email and an account activate email so you can set up your password and then login to book lessons.