Lesson Fees and Charges

Lesson Fees

Lesson fees are charged the same for both PAYG and Block Booking students. Initially when students register, they normally start on a PAYG basis, then move to a block booking space once one becomes available that meets their availability. 

PAYG (Pay as You Go) - Flexible 

This means that you book lessons online through the student portal, these are available each week and you will be notified of these by text. There is no limit to the number of lessons you can book and it gives you flexibility, which can be useful if you have a busy schedule. 

Block Booking - Set lesson day every week or fortnight 

This means that you have a consistent lesson space where you are allocated a set day, time and frequency every week, for one year at a time. This space is renewable at the end of July each year for the year ahead. This option suits students who would like a consistent time to help them fit their tuition around other commitments. Students who have a block booking can also book additional lessons through the student portal as they wish. Block booking spaces are allocated based on your stated availability at the time when you register. 

Lesson fees and charges are invoiced monthly in-advance, on the last day of each month.

Lesson Length 
Lesson Fee  
30 Minutes (standard lesson length) 
45 Minutes 
60 Minutes 

Additional Charges

Other charges, in addition to your lesson fee, may become payable for the below additional services with your agreement. 

Books and Resources

You will need various books depending on your stage of learning. The costs of these will be discussed with the bill payer and agreed before being adding to the applicable monthly invoice. Books are delivered to your home address normally within a couple of days, after your invoice payment has cleared. 

Examination Entries 

Many students choose to take a graded examination to gain a certification for the grade they have been preparing for. Examination fees are set by the ABRSM examination board every year. 

The ABRSM Examination Entry Fees for 2022 are as follows: 

Examination Entry fees comprises of: Examination Booking Fee + Grade to be taken

Examination Booking Fee Piano Grades
                                Performance                        Practical
Music Theory Examination 
£10 per examination entry made.
This covers the examination submission, booking, communication and results processing
Prep Test  £43.00 N/A Grade 1 £36.00
Initial Grade £43.00 £42.00 Grade 2 £38.00
Grade 1 £48.00 £46.00 Grade 3 £42.00
Grade 2 £55.00 £53.00 Grade 4 £46.00
Grade 3 £64.00 £61.00 Grade 5 £49.00
Grade 4 £69.00 £66.00

Grade 5 £76.00 £72.00

Grade 6 £88.00 £84.00

Grade 7 £94.00 £89.00

Grade 8 £111.00 £106

Online Card Payments

We are now able to accept online card payments for the purposes of paying your monthly invoice. The online card payments are processed by Stripe. Bank Transfer  will still remain the preferred option to pay your invoice, however, Stripe offer a feature to automatically pay your invoice once it is issued which may be convenient for some students.