COVID-19 Policy and Updates Page

At the start of the pandemic and lockdown on 20th March 2020 all lessons moved to taking place online using Face Time or Skype. Online lessons work in exactly the same way as in-person lessons and I have been teaching in Australia using this method for over 2 years.
Online lessons are available for current and new students and will continue to be available as an indefinite option going forward in the UK as they are useful to a number of students for a range of reasons including:
- Being unwell and not able or feeling able to attend an in-person lesson but well enough to have a lesson at home.
- Have been contacted by Track and Trace and must self-isolate
- Going away on holiday but staying with a relative who also has a piano.
- Running late at home (or woke up late) and can't make your in-person lesson - have it at home instead!

Students will be able to choose between online, in-person or both as they decide on a weekly basis going forward (as allowable by COVID-19 restrictions) and this will be included in all block booking agreements from 2021 onwards. 

Update: From 31 December 2021

As has been the case since May 2021, In-person lessons have been able to take place for all students, both children and adults, without criteria restrictions. This has been confirmed by the ISM and the Government and they have issued guidance accordingly. The ISM have stated that, although the Government has dropped many of its restrictions in place, all In-person lessons must still be COVID-19 secure, and will follow many of the same procedures are before to ensure the safety of everyone, with the addition of taking a lateral flow test the night before your lesson where possible.

Online lessons will also continue as usual and therefore, students wishing to have an in-person lesson should follow the procedure for doing so on page 4 of the below risk assessment. 

Please take the time to read the below risk assessment in full if you are intending on having an in-person lessons as it will be an expectation on any student attending in-person to follow these procedures. 

December 2021 Risk Assessment Amendment

The below risk assessment has been reviewed in July and subsequently in December. No changes are due to be made. All processes and procedures will continue be followed in full, with the addition of all students taking a lateral flow test the night before your lesson where possible. This is due to the teacher living with family members who are extremely critically vulnerable to COVID-19

COVID-19 Risk Assessment (Updated December 2021)

COVID-19 Secure Poster

April 2022 Risk Assessment Amendment 

The below risk assessment has been reviewed in April 2022. The previous risk assessment has been stepped down as the COVID risk lowers but previous risk assessment and transmission mitigation management may be reimplemented if government and ISM guidance require it to do so.

 The highlights are below: 

  • Where possible, students are still encouraged to lateral flow for their own peace of mind and to help prevent transmission but this is no longer compulsory. 
  • Students may continue to wear a face mask if they wish, but it is no longer required. 
  • Due to living with extremely critically vulnerable family members, Ross may continue to wear a face mask and lateral flow. 
  • Any students who show any signs of cold or flu like symptoms should change any in-person lesson to an online one instead to prevent any possible transmission

Online and in-person lessons will all continue as the ISM now see online and in-person lessons as a choice in the form of delivery rather than a compromise in delivery. Most students have preferred learning at home on their own instrument whilst others enjoy a mix and match approach between online and in-person lessons with others preferring in-person. It is personal choice and you can update this by letting us know. 

COVID-19 Risk Assessment - April 2022

By autumn any amendments required by the Government and ISM will be posted here and emailed out to students.