R Hammond's Piano Lessons Reviews

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Sasha Myers (Google Reviews)

Friendly, supportive and a fantastic teacher. My daughter began lessons only a few months ago and has really excelled with his guidance!

Carolyn Raybould (Yell Reviews)

5 Star Tuition!

My children have recently started piano lessons with Ross after tuition at school didn’t seem to be progressing them in skill or confidence. In a short time they have both improved and have a genuine pride in learning again. They come out of their lessons with big smiles. Ross is very approachable, friendly and it’s evident how talented he is and how hard he works in order for his students to excel.

Mark Peters (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Fun lessons with a talented and highly knowledgeable teacher

Ross is a friendly and encouraging teacher providing lessons I look forward to.

I have found Ross' lessons very effective, and am learning to play piano and read music much faster than I ever expected to and with correct technique.

Ross is a great teacher who has set up the perfect environment to learn piano in and I highly recommend choosing him to be your teacher too.

Charlotte Cane (Google Reviews)

Ross has been teaching my 13 year old daughter for over a year. She has now passed her grade 1 and is currently working on grade 2. Ross is kind, patient and makes her lessons fun. I receive detailed lesson notes on what they have covered during the lesson and what needs to be worked on over the week from home so I can help and encourage too. I would highly recommend Ross!

Jodie Andow (Google Reviews)

My 13 year old son began his piano lessons with Ross just over a year ago. He has recently passed his grade 1 examination with distinction. What I have been most impressed with is how my sons confidence has grown over the past year. My son always looks forward to his lessons and comes out happy every time.
Ross keeps me regularly updated on my sons progress. Can not recommend him enough.

Leslie Dangerfield (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Excellent Qualified Piano Teacher

I began my first lessons with Ross Just over three months ago as a mature student.
Following retirement some years ago, I felt that I needed a new interest, and the need to follow a long time desire to learn Piano. I felt a little apprehensive and concerned at first that I may not be able learn to read music at my time of life, however I have found Ross to be an excellent teacher, he is patient, very reassuring and is very encouraging when I struggle with certain pieces.
Ross is highly qualified and I would recommend Ross to anyone wishing to start Piano, whether they are young or elderly (as myself).
I am very much enjoying my new interest and look forward to each lesson and although I have a long way to go, I hope that one day Ross will consider me to be another of his many successful students.

Judy Guo (Yell Reviews)


Ross is a knowledgeable, energetic and fun teacher who imparts good techniques, he is extremely professional and responsive yet warm in his communication style. I would certainly recommended him to any one who has always wanted to learn piano. My son (8years) is looking forward to and enjoying every lesson as his journey in his musical adventure embarks. Thank you Ross.

Teresa Diurno (Yell Reviews)

If You're Looking To Learn The Piano? Ross is your man!

After many years of not touching the piano, i decided to re-start. Luckily I found Ross just around the corner from me. After my first lesson i found ross to be friendly and a great teacher. Within weeks of tuition, and encouragement from Ross, i found new confidence with my playing. Ross is very helpful and teaches in a way that i can easily understand. The tuition room is inviting and the grand piano is wonderful to play. Through Ross i have rekindled my love of piano playing and i am currently learning a piece of music i never thought i could do.
I really enjoy my lessons with Ross, he makes the lessons fun, especially when I occasionally go wrong!
Great teacher and highly recommended.

Alexander Foster (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Fantastic Piano Teacher!

Ross is an inspiring and supportive teacher who goes above and beyond to tailor lessons to suit each student. I would recommend him to anyone whether starting out, looking to improve their playing or wanting to progress through the grades.

Anthony Berghella (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Piano Lessons

Ross is a very patient and friendly piano teacher. He allows you to go at your own pace and I don’t feel nervous about making mistakes. The room he teaches in is excellent and very comfortable. He explains everything in a way that I can understand and follow easily.
I would definitely recommend Ross if you are thinking about learning to play the piano, whether you are young or old.

Jo Streeter (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Adult Lessons

It has been a pleasure to return to playing the piano after a ten year break. Ross is encouraging and I always look forward to my lessons. He is patient and professional with a piano I could only dream of owning! I would recommend Ross to anyone looking to return to playing.

Darren Trask (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Excellent Teacher For All Ages

I would highly recommend R Hammond's piano lessons for all ages! As a nervous late learner Ross works with the learning style that suits yourself, he adapts his approach and technique to keep pushing your learning. Comfortable and pleasant experience to learn! Highly recommend! Try for yourself it’s never too late!

Donna Purveur (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews [Chris])

Great Teacher

I cannot recommend Ross highly enough, an excellent piano teacher who is patient, friendly, calm and knowledgeable. The music room is fantastic and the piano you learn on is beautiful. If you are looking for a professional piano teacher who makes your lessons fun then look no further.

Kimberly Clay (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Best Piano Teacher In Gloucestershire!

Ross is a fantastic piano teacher. I have been learning to play the piano for the last 4 years with Ross, and O'm now closer to fulfilling that dream. The piano is beautiful and makes you feel like a professional when playing it. If you are looking for a teacher who is fun, creative, knowledgeable and easy to get along with i would 1000000% recommend Ross!

Ross is more than just a teacher, he is now a friend.

Stuart Andrews (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Excellent Piano Teacher For New Starters At Any Age!

Ross is an excellent piano teacher and very welcoming to new students, both young and old. His patient style and friendly manner means you're not afraid to make mistakes and he is able to set the pace exactly how each student requires. I'd highly recommend Ross to anyone who may be even tentatively considering learning piano, no matter your starting level.

Kyal Foster (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Ross Hammond as a piano teacher. Being a complete beginner I am making great progress in a friendly, relaxed and professional environment.
Communication is excellent and Ross does a great job with rescheduling lessons and keeping you up to date on your progress.

Rebecca Butt (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Piano Lessons

Ross is an excellent piano teacher. As an adult learner, I found his lessons informative, yet relaxed, and was very pleased with my exam results. Many thanks for you help (and patience!), Ross.

Ioan Evans (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Piano Lessons

My daughter started lessons with Ross this year. Ross is a very knowledgeable teacher and my daughter loves her lessons. Would highly recommend.

Louise Goode (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Ross Hammond, A Great Piano Teacher

My 8yr old son has been learning to play piano with Ross for the past 11 months. Ross is very professional and my son really enjoys his lessons.

Tracy Lawrence (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Great Teacher, Relaxed and Affordable

First time my son has played piano so a complete beginner, Ross Hammond is great, made my son feel very relaxed and he is thoroughly enjoying it. I feel very happy with location and set up and all handled very professionally but in a relaxed manor.

James Gavaghan (Yell Reviews, Google Reviews)

Ross Hammond - Legend Teacher!

Ross Hammond has helped me immensely. I manged to get 144/150 on my grade one exam after only learning for 6 months with him. He is a wonderful teacher and we always have a good laugh together. The room is very relaxing and Ross is 100% professional. I have no doubt that I will achieve the highest possible mark in every grade to follow thanks to his superb teaching.

Nic Shilton (Google Reviews)

My daughter has been having piano lessons with Mr Hammond for a few months. I am amazed at her progress and how she remains enthusiastic! I have always found Mr Hammond prompt, smart and polite and his fees are very reasonable. We will be sad to leave when we move to another County and we would recommend him fully.

Thomas Butcher (Google Reviews)

My son has been having piano lessons with Mr Hammond for a few months. I am amazed at his progress and he always enjoys every lesson! Ross' enthusiasm and dedication shines through and this has a direct effect on the pupils. The piano fees are incredibly competitive and i am very pleased with the service Ross provides, if you are looking for a warm friendly environment to learn to play the piano, then Ross Hammond is it.

David Smeaton (Google Reviews)

Ross is a very patient and encouraging teacher. He has a very relaxed style and the lessons are always fun. He is very knowledgable and explains things well on the theory side. His rates are very reasonable, which is a bonus. I am really happy having lessons with Ross.

Susan Davis (Google Reviews)

My son has been having lessons with Mr Hammond for over a year. We have found him to be friendly and flexible and my son has enjoyed the lessons.

Michelle Ryan (Google Reviews)

I have been having piano lessons with Ross Hammond for over a year now and during that time I have passed my grade 1 practical exam and my grades 1-3 theory exams with distinction. Ross's enthusiasm for piano playing I evident in his teaching making learning to play an enjoyable experience. He is patient and encourages you to do your best and I would highly recommend him to others wanting to learn to play the piano.

Robert Keeble (Google Reviews)

Ross Hammond has been teaching our daughter for 3 and half years from complete beginner and we are very pleased with the progress she has made under his teaching as she is now working towards her Grade 3. Ross's teaching style is very warm and friendly which makes learning so much more enjoyable for our daughter and his professional approach and structure to lessons and practice ensures she is able to aim for and achieve the next grade with confidence. I would recommend Ross (and have) to anyone looking for lessons, particularly those with children interested in learning to play the piano.

Janice Bird (Google Reviews)

My daughter has been taking lessons with Ross for numerous years. Throughout he has always been polite, helpful and successful. She passed every exam she entered! I would thoroughly recommend him.