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In-Person lessons allowable from May 2021 for all students (children and adults) who want them; online lessons also continuing.

  Tuesday, April 13, 2021 by Ross Hammond BSc (Hons), AMBCS, PGCE, MISM | COVID-19 Update

Update: From 1st May 2021

In-person lessons are able to take place for all students, both children and adults, without criteria restrictions from the 1st May 2021. This has been confirmed by the ISM and the Government and they have issued guidance accordingly. In-person lessons must still be COVID-19 secure, and will follow many of the same procedures are before to ensure the safety of everyone. Online lessons will also continue as usual and therefore, students wishing to have an in-person lesson should follow the procedure for doing so on page 4 of the below risk assessment. 
Please take the time to read the below risk assessment in full if you are intending on having an in-person lessons as it will be an expectation on any student attending in-person to follow these procedures. 

COVID-19 Risk Assessment (Updated May 2021) 

COVID-19 Secure Poster