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Examinations for Winter 2020 Confirmed

  Tuesday, September 29, 2020 by Ross Hammond BSc (Hons), AMBCS, PGCE, MISM | Examinations Update

Examinations for the Winter Period of 2020 have been booked and confirmed.

All students / parents who have returned their examination data return in August can now log onto their online portal (use menu above) to access your examination information and connected document(s).

We are currently awaiting the following information from the examination board:


The exam board will confirm the exact time fir the date of the booked exam later in October.


The exam board will confirm who your examiner is (practical exams only) closer to the examination date.

Music theory candidates:

Students taking a music theory exam of grades 1 to 5 will all have their examination administered online, further details to follow. They do not need to attend the venue shown on their documentation, a venue just had to be chosen to book the exam in their systems and the closest one was Hereford.

Changing the exam date:

Students can request for us to change the exam date up to 48 hours before the exam, after this window has passed we can no longer change the date on the exam board systems. Dates changes are subject to change and may result in a different venue completely. Cancellation due to COVID has different terms applied by the exam board and further details about this are on your confirmation letter.